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  • Ticker: BLACKCAT
  • Distribution: 50% Burn - 50% Locked Liqudity
  • Contract: 0x7f33482a8edbfc5f4e8077980728955ddad9afc6
  • Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000
  • Purpose: Kill Doge

BlackCat describes itself as the only moon resident. Proudly stand and defend hers territory. She doesn't like dogs too much but luckily there is no any doges on the moon.

BLACKCAT Token is a deflationary token with aggressive burning and earning mechanism. Buy and Hold BLACKCAT and you will automatically get more in your wallet. No need to farm, stake or claim. We locked the 50% of the total supply to Pancakeswap for 80 years! The remaining 50% was burned to Dead address, so everyone has to buy on the open market, ensuring a fair and complete distribution where devs don't own team tokens they can dump on the community. Immediately after launch we burned 50% of the total supply of BLACKCAT and sent it to a dead wallet. Because the dead wallet is also a holder, it also gets proportional transaction rewards. But since nobody has access to that wallet, those BLACKCAT tokens are retired from circulation (effectively burned). The burn happens on every transaction and accelerates as the black hole gets bigger...forever!

Liquidity locked to pancakeswap

How to buy

1. Download Trust Wallet + MetaMask (Make an account, and set your recovery phase)

2. Purchase BNB on an Exchange (Then, withdraw the BNB over to Trust Wallet)

3. Continue on PancakeSwap

Copy the BlackCat Token Address below.


BlackCat vs. Doge

Black Cat Doge
Supply 1,000,000,000,000,000 Unlimited Supply
Burning 5% with Every Transaction No Burning
Hodl and Earn Hodler will earn 5% of Every Transaction No Earning Option